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Vydáno: 2.12.2011 v 18:10 | Autor: Gekon

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The Mandalorian Blockade

Korriban, The Homeworld

Yesterday’s Jawa

Average Brown Wookiee

Ord Mantell, The Battleground

Nal Hutta, the Glourious Jewel

Tython, The Wellspring

Dromund Kaas, the Seat of Power

Coruscant, The Capital

Do the Holos Show Up on the Bill?

Kayfoundo Naweea (Hungry Eyes)

Balmorra, The Forge

Taris, The Plague

Nar Shaddaa, the Playground

Tatooine, the Deserts Sands

Alderaan, the Throne

In the Escape Pod

Doe Azalus Ootmian

The Occupation of Balmorra

The Battle for Coruscant

Hoth, the Frozen Wastes

Belsavis, the Ancient Prison

Voss, The Mystic Garden

Cut The Phobium

that Slippery Little Hutt of Mine

Corellia, The Shipyards

Credits Where Credits Are Due

The Siege of Alderaan