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Patch 1.6.2

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Patch 1.6.2Po poněkud delší odmlce, způsobené zimními prázdninami, nám BioWare přináší další update, označený jako Patch 1.6.2, čili takový, který se zaměřuje primárně na opravu chyb. Nového obsahu v 1.7 bychom se měli dočkat již brzy, ovšem bylo řečeno, že kvůli zimním dovoleným se může ona slíbená 6ti týdenní prodleva mezi „velkými“ patchi natáhnout.

Patch 1.6.2 přináší opět další věci pro Cartel Market, nový pack, nové slevy, a další věci, které zřejmě budou v každém patchi. zásadní změnou je ono „slíbené“ vynucení omezení počtu postav podle statutu hráče. F2P tak jsou omezeni na 2 postavy na server, Preferred na 6, a Subscribers na 12. Všichni jsou pak omezeni 350 postavami na všech serverech. Za 600 Cartel Coins je pak možnost si limit zvýšit o 1 na všech serverech. Další změnou je zlevnění Grade 7 Ship Parts u obchodníků, aby byly srovnatelné s poněkud neštastným rozhodnutím je dáat na cartel Market.

Kompletní Patch Notes pro Patch 1.6.2 jako vždy najdete v pokračování novinky

Patch 1.6.2

Cartel Market

New Items

  • Players can now unlock additional character slots! Cost: 600 Cartel Coins.
  • The Newcomer Bundle is now available! It contains a wide range of items to help new players expedite their travels. Cost: 405 Cartel Coins (discounted by 50% for a limited time!).
  • Two new armor sets, the Interstellar Privateer Armor Set and Clandestine Officer Armor Set, can now be purchased. Each armor set costs 1,440 Cartel Coins.
  • A new Cartel Pack, the Skip Tracer Cartel Pack, is now on the Market. Cost: 360 Cartel Coins.

New Discounts

  • The Gamorrean Axe is discounted by 30%. Cost: 245 Cartel Coins.
  • Fleet Passes (single use) are discounted by 33%. Cost: 60 Cartel Coins.
  • The Life Day Bundle is discounted by 35%. Cost: 2,400 Cartel Coins.
  • The Newcomer Bundle is discounted by 50%. Cost: 405 Cartel Coins.

Bug Fixes

  • Unlock items no longer stack in the inventory.
  • Revan’s Mask no longer clips through hoods on some body types.
  • The textures for the Forward Recon chestpiece now display properly.
  • The appearance of the Phantom and Perceptor’s armor now matches the appearance seen in the Cartel Market.
  • The Stylish Dancer’s Top no longer binds on pickup.
  • The Statele Shan Holo-Statue and Darth Malgus Holo-Statue no longer allow the use of Heroic Moment abilities.
  • The Cyan-blue War Hero’s Color Crystal now binds on equip.
  • Using Imperial and Republic Firework items now causes the player to kneel down.
  • Tinsel Bombs can now be used on both friendly and hostile targets.
  • Players no longer move when using Fountain Fireworks.
  • Tooltips for equipment that requires the Event Equipment Requisition Authorization now update when the player unlocks the requirement.
  • The Carbonite Chamber and Life Day Orb now properly regenerate Ammo for Troopers.
  • The Remote Control Starship now regenerates a player’s health and energy pool when channeled.


  • Character slot restrictions are now being enforced:
  • Free-to-Play players are restricted to 2 characters per server.
  • Preferred Status players are restricted to 6 characters per server.
  • Subscribers are limited to 12 Characters per servers.
  • All players have a Global Active Character Limit of 350 Characters.
  • Additional Character Slots may now be purchased from the Cartel Market. Each Character Slot will increase the number of Characters a player may have across all servers by 1. Each purchase will increase the number characters that a player may mark as Active across all servers.
  • Subscribers and Preferred Status Players who have more than the current character limits will be allowed to keep and play all characters. No new characters may be created on the account until the number of characters on the account falls under the Global Active Character Limit for the account type, even if additional character slots are purchased.

Classes and Combat


  • Flechette Round’s damage over time effect no longer interrupts players attempting to capture an objective.

Imperial Agent

  • Acid Blade’s damage over time effect no longer interrupts players attempting to capture an objective.

Companion Characters


  • HK-51’s dagger, „Dicer,“ is now available in his combat outfit container.
  • Warning: Rivals Detected: Players are no longer prevented from restarting this mission if they abandoned it. Players that were unable to re-obtain this mission can speak to Bren in Section X to continue.

Flashpoints and Operations


Kaon Under Siege
  • Optimizations have been implemented to improve performance inside this Flashpoint.
  • The Infected Screamer’s Brutalize attack now respects player immunities to knockback.
Maelstrom Prison
  • The Fifth Fleet Footmen and Fifth Fleet Gunners now spawn correctly during the Grand Moff Kilran encounter.
  • X-37 Oppressor’s Power Punch now respects player immunities to knockback.


Eternity Vault
  • Enrage timers have been increased by 1 minute for bosses (excluding the Ancient Pylons encounter) in this Operation in 16-player Story and Hard Modes.
Explosive Conflict
  • Warlord Kephess‘ enrage timer has been increased to 5 minutes, 30 seconds in 16-player Nightmare Mode.
  • The Defected Imperial Commander now spawns correctly in the Colonel Vorgath encounter.
Karagga’s Palace
  • Enrage timers have been increased by 1 minute for bosses in this Operation in 16-player Story and Hard Modes.
Terror from Beyond
  • The Gargantuan Lobel mini-boss now spawns correctly.
  • In the Terror from Beyond encounter, the Unstable Larva, Hypergate Beacons (in the first phase of Hard Mode), and Hypergate Irregularities now spawn correctly.


  • The Dread Guard’s Corrupted Mask now uses appropriate voice sound effects during cinematics.
  • The Devastator’s Double-Bladed Lightsaber now correctly displays two blades.


  • Legacy of Combat abilities can no longer be used inside Warzones.
  • Using Priority Transport: Capital World now properly advances mission steps that require players to travel to Coruscant or Dromund Kaas.

Missions and NPCs


  • Section X Weekly missions no longer autocomplete if the player has previously completed the component missions.
  • The Section X daily mission area has had some encounters removed and others relocated to provide easier travel between mission objectives.
  • March of the Dread Guard: Players now use the remote device recovered from nearby enemy NPCs to free all prisoners. Only 5 prisoners now need to be freed (down from 12), and leader NPCs count towards this goal.
  • Imminent Threat: Only 8 escaped prisoners are now required for this mission’s objective (down from 16).

Class Missions

Jedi Consular
  • Find the Ancient Weapon: Players can now complete this optional mission after recovering the item from the chest.
  • Justice: An issue that could cause players to become stuck in the floor on The Justice has been corrected.


  • After Dreadtooth is defeated, Dreadful Resurgence no longer persists. Dreadful Essence must be used to increase Dreadtooth’s difficulty.
  • Dreadtooth’s difficulty when he is affected by 3 or more applications of Dreadful Resurgence has been decreased.
  • Dreadtooth no longer drops crafting materials when affected by less than 3 applications of Dreadful Resurgence.
  • The anti-griefing „Dread“ debuff applied by Dreadtooth now uses a shorter range.
  • The Shriek attack used by Dreadtooth no longer causes too many visual effects to be played each tick.



Ancient Hypergate
  • Players defending a pylon their team controls now gain defensive credit over time.
  • Transmissions inside this Warzone now use appropriate voice effects.
  • Players no longer gain attacker objective credit for finishing a capture attempt on an energy orb that has already been captured by another player.

Space Combat

  • The costs for Grade 7 ship upgrades available from the Fleet vendor, Daily vendor, and Starship Upgrades credit vendor have been reduced.
  • The credit reward from [Heroic] Space Combat missions has been reduced from 12,500 to 1,616.



  • The „Unify to Chest“ armor color option now works correctly for players and companions.

Galactic Trade Network

  • Preferred Players can now post 5 sales at a time on the GTN. Previously, Preferred Players were incorrectly limited to 2 sales.

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

  • Several items that were missing correct translations in French and German have been updated.
  • A rare issue that could cause a Premium or Preferred Player to function as a Free-to-Play Player temporarily has been addressed.
  • Using /stuck now kills the player without penalty when used on a Personal Starship.
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